About Us

Since 2011


This is hard for me to do, I love our customers, friends, and family that have supported me on this journey that I have created, our paths may have crossed once, twice or even more, which makes this harder than most can imagine, I have decided to let this chapter of our journey come to a end, I feel that as much support and love I received, I need to shift my focus back to my family and enjoy watching my children grow, love and play.  I have always enjoyed watching the billiard industry grow, and enjoyed being a big part of that growth. And I empower you all to continue to make this a family enjoyed sport, also a competitive sport. Some of my fondest childhood memories happened around the pool table and I hope others will have as many great memories as I did.  I will still be around,as a spectator, always a  friend, maybe as a player, maybe I'll see you in the finals. Remember to always to stay true, and PLAY THE GAME. 

Our Goal Was Clear


To raise the bar , so others would follow.

The Way It Was


 We never stopped believing.