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 Hello , thank you for stopping by and looking at what PLAY THE GAME clothing co. has to offer in billiard apparel. You know from day one , that one of our goals was to help the billiard industry image thru our clothing line. And that holds true to this day . As we head into 2018, we are challenged to not only be better then last year , but to continue to be better then the competition . So we have decided to change course a little . We are now a complete embroidery operation. From helping you with your design, to picking out your shirts , we have access to 1,000's of designs for men and women. And then to bring your design to life. We will continue to offer new designs and logos for our PLAY THE GAME clothing line. We will continue to print new designs . We just feel that the best way we can help the industry and continue to be successful is to offer these services to Leagues , pool rooms , and different companies in the billiard industry so that they can showcase and advertise thru clothing what they have to offer. In closing , we will continue attending several venues throughout the country to showcase our line to the billiard industry. If you have any questions at all , feel free to contact us.



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 We have access to 1,000's of different styles for Men, Women , and our youth. If you see a Design you like, we can Embroider that design on any style clothing to accomadate you. Maybe you have your own design, well  , we do that to. We are a complete in house Embroidery company.